Tuesday 3 August 2021

Book Review: That Night by Gillian McAllister

Gillian McAllister is an author I have been meaning to read for ages and I can finally say I have and I can now see why she rightly, gets so much acclaim for her books. That Night was the exact definition of a page turner. Read on for my full review.


You get a call in the middle of the night from your sister asking for help. She's committed murder, but it was an accident, she didn't mean to do it. She will go to prison, her little boy will lose her, this can't happen. The three Plant siblings have to make a choice, a choice that they never thought they would have to make. A choice that ends in them burying a body and weaving an increasingly tangled web of lies...

What made That Night different from all the rest, was the moral dilemma at its centre. It leaves you with the question, who would you bury a body for? Who would you commit a crime for? Could you do it? Would you crack under the weight of the lies? That Night ended up being a very tense and emotional read as we hear from all three viewpoints of the siblings. 

I loved the unpredictability of this. I was on tenterhooks wondering if or when they would be found out and how suspicions between the usually close siblings slowly start creeping in. As a reader your own suspicions begin to heighten, what really happen that night? Who really is to blame and what secrets are they hiding?

That Night was a tense and gripping read! I must now read Gillian's other books.

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