Tuesday 6 July 2021

Book Review: Lucky by Rachel Edwards

It's been a little while since I read a thriller and Lucky did not disappoint. Read on for my full review and also look out on my twitter feed for a giveaway!


This book was so addictive in the reading sense and in it's theme. We all want a 'quick fix' when it comes to money, but we do as much as we can, work, save and the cycle repeats. Rachel is in her thirties and she really wants to get married and get a place of her own with boyfriend Ola, but it's taking too long. Etta decides to try her luck with gambling online. She will be sensible about it though and know when to stop. But soon Etta is playing a lot and lying to Ola about it. It's ok though as even though she loses sometimes, she still wins it back, and she has made a friend online and he can help her out, can't he?

It was scary to read how quickly addiction to gambling can escalate. Etta doesn't fit any of the stereotypes of a gambler and before playing, she even says to herself that she won't go crazy. But when the wins start coming in, it's too easy to play just one more game.  

Is it possible for a book to stress you out but in a way that just compels you to read? I could see Etta spiralling down, down, down, making her situation worse and worse. The author cleverly weaves in Etta's downward spiral, it's so subtle, but so believable. The pressure slowly begins to mount and my stress levels with it. It couldn't possibly get any worse right? But it does, it really does!

Although Etta's gambling addiction is at the heart of this story, it is so much more than that, with deep seated issues such as immigration, race, friendship and more. 

Super additive and cleverly done. I can't wait to see what Rachel has in store next!

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