Wednesday 27 November 2019

Thinking of getting a new bathroom? Here are 5 things to consider

Your bathroom is simultaneously one of the most intimate but also commonly used areas of your home which makes it a great space to renovate. Redoing your bathroom isn’t one of the simplest renovation projects you could undertake, there’s plumbing involved and fixtures and fittings can add up quickly meaning that if you decide to go for it then you need to make sure you get it right the first time to avoid costly repercussions. Here are five things you may wish to consider. 

1. Your space
The space you have available to you will largely determine the options that you have available to you when redoing your bathroom. You may find that you have very little room to work with and the positioning of your bathroom elements such as the sink, toilet and bath, therefore, need to stay the same, drawing your focus to what you can do decorative to enhance its appearance. Alternatively, you may find that you have a little more room to play with and so you may want to build your bathroom around a single statement feature such as a freestanding bath or a dual sink. 

2. Your budget
The next thing you will want to consider is your budget. You may find that an entire bathroom re-fit is going to be too costly and so you may wish to focus your finances on specific elements such as repainting or retiling as opposed to new features such as a new bath or sink, this will ensure you get the luxurious bathroom you want without breaking the bank. Set yourself a realistic budget at the beginning of your project and endeavour to stick to it, to play it safe consider adding a 10% buffer zone to the final amount to account for unexpected expenses. 

3. The functionality of the space
A beautiful bathroom is all well and good but it also needs to be practical. Make sure that you plan out all of the finer details such as how each door will open to ensure that none of them hit an unexpected object. Also, ensure that the elements you use are practical, you may wish to consider installing wall panelling from Ergonomic Designs as opposed to traditional shower tiles to prevent against leaks and improve the longevity of your redecoration. 

4. How much storage you need
One of the most commonly cited regrets that people have when redecorating a space is not incorporating enough storage. We all accumulate too many things and the key to making a space feel clear and tidy is to keep them tucked out of sight. Remember to plan plenty of storage solutions and try to make clever use of dead space such as that under the sink or high on the walls. 

5. Whether you should opt for a timeless style 
Statement bathrooms with bright colours or very unique features may be to your taste but if you are planning on selling your home any time in the future then perhaps consider toning it down to a more timeless style. Bathrooms can be very expensive to redo and if you are not planning on staying in your home for very long then the time, effort and money you put into creating your masterpiece will go to someone else, who may not like it and will be wondering how much it will cost them to rip it all out. 

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