Thursday 31 October 2019

Book Review: The Lost Ones by Anita Frank

Looking for a spooky read this Halloween? Then you need to read The Lost Ones by Anita Frank. I'm thrilled to be sharing my review with you on Halloween! 


Stella is still struggling after the death of her fiancĂ©. She feels like the future she pictured for herself has been pulled from beneath her feet and she doesn’t know how she can carry on. People are beginning to lose patience with her as in her era, you are supposed to pick yourself up and carry and her doctor is making rumblings about sending her off to another word for an asylum.  What no one seems to understand is that Stella is feeling human emotion, she hasn’t lost her mind.

A chance visit from her brother-in-law has Stella presented with the opportunity to go and care for her pregnant sister at Greyswick, she sees this as the perfect distraction and packs up her things to stay. What she is met with when she gets there though is a sister who is the shadow of her former self, very secretive servants and very very strange appearings. 

Stella starts to become convinced the house is haunted, and as she tries to figure out exactly what’s going on, something even darker comes to light.

The Lost Ones has all the makings of a traditional spooky read, an old haunted house, strange goings on and a peculiar housemaid who says some mysterious things. I was instantly drawn in to the claustrophobic world of Greyswick and like Stella I was determined to find out what exactly was going on. 

Anita Frank is a fantastic writer, creating that constant atmosphere of unease and claustrophobia, I loved every page.

Incredibly atmospheric, tense and very spooky, I wanted to keep the lights on even after reading this!

The Lost Ones is out now

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