Wednesday 29 August 2018

Easy Ways to Make your Bathroom Luxurious

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A clean and luxurious bathroom where you can pamper yourself every day is easier said than done. Besides from being rather expensive, this kind of look only seems achievable if nobody actually uses the bathroom - otherwise, it’s just going to end up dirty in two short days. 
Luckily, there are ways to make it look fancy even though you’re on a budget, and even ways to make that whole cleaning process a whole lot easier. Here is a handful of really easy tips on how you can get that squeaky clean and luxuriously pampered feeling at home every day.
1. Spruce up the lighting
When you see a designer bathroom, notice how they use the lighting in unusual ways to make it seem a bit fancier. You can easily do this too without spending too much money on it; try some pretty sconces on either side of the mirror, for example, and pair it with a gorgeous vanity mirror. If you need some inspiration, see some here and let the use of bathroom light inspire you as well. 
2. Focus on white
Sure, the use of stronger colours in bathrooms is slowly getting a hold on us, but that doesn’t mean that white isn’t still the classic go-to look for elegance. It’s easy to achieve as well, and you’ll find so many fluffy towels in white to complement the look.
Focus on white countertops and cabinets, and add little elements of neutral colours such as small baskets or a bathroom rug. It’s going to make your bathroom look thought-through and clean, which is exactly what you had in mind.
Another point to this is that, while white certainly reveals the dust more than other colours, it’s also a lot easier to get it properly clean. Simply have a small basket with a sponge and some bathroom cleaner ready at hand, and give the area around the sink a quick wipe every second day.
That way, it won’t have time to gather too much dust and you’ll hardly notice that you’re even cleaning it.
3. If you don’t like white, go for grey
Grey has been a trendy shade in interior design for some time now. As a neutral colour, you can easily get away with having an all-grey bathroom, and you can even pair it with basically anything as it is both soothing and easy to match. Think different shades of grey, and boost its elegance further by adding elements of white in between.
It might not be as easy to keep clean as white but, on the other hand, it’s also far less revealing.
4. Bring the outdoors in
Whatever colours you choose to have in your bathroom, you gotta mix it up with some green plants. It gives that fresh, alive, and natural feeling to your space, and will even make sure that the air in your bathroom is a bit cleaner. Place it somewhere so that the mirror reflects it, by the way, and make sure that you pick the kind of plant that enjoys a damp environment.
You can also use elements of wood to make it feel a bit more luxurious and avoid that cold feeling that so many bathrooms suffer from. Wooden baskets, for example, or wooden hangers doesn’t cost that much, and it will make your space look amazing.
Having a fancy bathroom doesn’t actually take that much if you put your mind to it. Keep it clean, fresh, and use as much white as possible, and you’ll have that perfectly classic bathroom-look in no time. 

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