Tuesday 7 May 2019

Blog Tour: Perfect Remains by Helen Fields

Happy May everyone. Excited to share my first read of the month which is Perfect Crime by Helen Fields. This is the fifth book in the DI Callanach series, although as with all these series you can pick them up in any order. Read on for my full review.


Helen Fields is a great crime writer. Everything is highly detailed and thought out which I find isn't always the case for some thriller/crime writers, so I found myself appreciating this much more.

Captivating from the start, Perfect Crime starts off with Steven Berry about to end his life until a counsellor manages to stop him. A week later he is dead. This is where DI Callanach comes in to investigate whether he jumped or was pushed. As they get deeper into the case, more strange suicides begin to happen, but are they really and how are they linked?

What I particularly liked about Perfect Crime was it's originality. Most crime stories are centered around the same plot, but this felt completely different. A completely different type of killer and then not only one central investigation but another one linked to the detectives. It's cleverly done as it keeps you off the scent of both cases, never being able to even pick up a whiff of who and why.

I'm actually quite a squimish, I can't watch certain things, but I can read it and what I liked about Perfect Crime is that Helen doesn't hold back. It made the storyline more believable as she didn't try to hide anything from us like other writers might do. Not for everyone but this is one of the things that made this stand out for me.

Captivating, original and unputdownable, I need to read more in this series!

Part of the Perfect Crime blog tour

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