Monday 13 May 2019

Blog Tour: Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans

Happy Monday fellow book lovers. Today I am part of the tour for the incredibly gripping Beauty Sleep by Kathryn Evans. I could not put this one down! Read on for my full review and for the chance to win a copy for yourself and a personalised pocket mirror.


I found Beauty Sleep a fascinating read. Laura and her brother are dying and there is no cure for their illness. To try and save them, Laura's Mum's put them into a cryogenic sleep (frozen) until they can be cured. Forty years Laura wakes up, cancer free. But how do you deal with the fallout from that? How do you adjust to a world that has moved on so much, your best friend is now middle aged and your parents no longer there? How do you adjust as the girl from the past?

Beauty Sleep is set only 8 years away from the world we are in now, but Laura is a teenager from the 1980's where technology had only just broken the surface and only business men seemed to have brick sized mobile phones. Kathryn really explored this futuristic world from Laura's point of view and even though it was ahead of technology wise, their world didn't feel that far off from what we have now. It was so interesting to see how everything was explained to her and how silly some of it appeared to someone who had never had the need or want for it.

This is a story that gripped me incredibly quickly. I love what ifs when it comes to science fiction and the ethics that are involved with every decision whether that's life, beauty or progressing science. As you read on you see Laura begin to question what actually happened while she was asleep all that time. Can she actually trust those who she deems closest to her now and why can't she speak to her friend Stacey?

Full of mystery, intrigue and full of tension that keeps you hooked throughout.

Beauty Sleep is out now


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