Friday 26 April 2019

Be more minimalist: Living The Simpler Life When You're Used To Modern Comforts

The world is full of stuff and a heck of a lot of it are things that we really don't need, we just want it. We also find ourselves taking a lot of things for granted, things that are just there that we don't really need to think about like getting food from the shop and using the internet whenever we like. If life could just be all about garden parties and socialising that would be great, but what if you wanted to strip everything back and go back to basics. Don't you think it would give you the time you need to reflect and just slow down? So where do you start?

Decluttering Your Home

I love a good declutter. I didn't actually realise how many pointless and unused items I had until I moved out. I was moving in a much smaller space with a lot less storage so things had to go. It was actually really satisfying getting rid of all that clutter. I try and do it at least every couple of months to make sure I keep on top of anything that I don't need anymore and create more of that much needed space.

Finding Ways To Be Self-Sufficient

With the busy lives we lead, this can be the hardest thing to try when trying to live a simpler life. The most obvious place to start is growing your own food.  Think about getting a green house and truly becoming self- sufficient. Once you get into a routine of doing this, the amount of money you could save can amount to a lot more than you might think. For knowing where to begin with this it's worth venturing to a website like Greenhouse Stores UK as well as finding the best vegetables and fruits you can grow in your garden space. Although this will initially seem time consuming, it may surprise you what other time it frees up.

It's Not All About Completely Getting Rid Of Technology

A lot of people associate the simple life with completely cutting out technology. This isn't the case at all, but maybe you don't have to have the latest smart phone or the latest gadget, you could just keep it to a few key things and not have to fork out for a very expensive phone bill. 

We Are Big Time Wasters

Despite our busy lives, we actually waste a huge amount of our time doing things that aren't productive. This is directly in relation to things like social media. Take the time to see how much of your day you spend on pointless things like social media, or just think about the things that you do that aren't really going to benefit you in the long run.  This is the key to living a simpler life. It's not necessarily about getting rid of technology or moving into a shoebox house, it's about minimising the distractions in your life and freeing your brain and feeling better in the long run.

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