Monday 23 July 2018

What Is A Mindful Home?

In a world that constantly moves at break-neck speed, it's so easy to forget to stop and take time for yourself. We are in an era where everything can be sorted out in a matter of seconds just by clicking a button. With an attention span online shorter than the one of a goldfish, taking the time to focus on on the present and appreciate what is happening right now can be so easily overlooked. Who even has the time to stop and think even just for a little bit, time to think about how you're feeling and how you're doing. There are just far too many other things to be getting on with, so who has time for reflection?  The problem with people doing this though is that they don't stop and this can have a detrimental effect not just on your physical health, but your mental health. People forget just how important your mental health can be and when you don't take time for yourself it can lead to burnout, anxiety, low self esteem and depression, something I experienced last year. This is where mindfulness comes in. It's not something you can implement overnight but you can embrace new habits to help you get there. Ultimately being mindful is about managing how you affect the world and how the world affects you to create the best possible outcome. So why not start your conscious journey directly at home? 

Your Home

A home that reflects on your aspirations

With social media tampering with your thoughts and personal views, it can be challenging nowadays to stay positive about everything you have achieved. It's so easy to log on to Instagram and instantly feel rubbish about yourself. We are in a world where we constantly don't feel good enough, pretty enough or have achieved what we should have by a certain age. The social media culture encourages social integration and self-worth through likes and followers, so if you're not getting those likes and follows it can also make you feel worthless. Even when you give yourself a break from it, it can still be really difficult to shake off those feelings. So, start your self-awareness battle at home. You need to remind yourself of your worth and skills. Why not create an accent wall for your achievements on one of your walls. From degrees to anything you’re proud of, this home feature can help you to remind yourself of what you can do. 

A home that supports your mental health 

The world goes fast. You can order food to be delivered in less than 30 minutes. You can transfer money to the other end of the world in a few seconds. You can hear someone in real time even though they might be in a different country. There’s no denying that everybody enjoys quick and effective solutions. Unfortunately, this rapid pace has expanded to every interaction. As a result, work environments have become stress-loaded. Intimate relationships can go too fast too quickly, especially if all you need to start dating is to swipe in one direction. And people can struggle to keep up with this no-time society. You don’t have time to think; you are forced to enter the rat race to survive. When everything must go fast, you can rapidly feel disenchanted. So, you need to create a bubble of peaceful mindfulness at home. Clear a space in which you can think freely and relax. Decluttering, using decorative elements you cherish and creating a de-stressing zone can really go a long well towards helping your mental health.

A home where you’re in charge

Sometimes it feels like you're not really in charge of your own life choices as stuff just seems to happen out of the blue without you having any control over it. Whether it’s your boss taking you off an exciting project or your car breaking down on the way to the airport, there are too many situations where you don’t have a say. But you can get back control of your life through the power of mindfulness.  You can start to develop a deeper understanding of how a situation affects you so that you can act accordingly. You can start with little things at home, such as the EllaOne morning after pill which puts you back in control of your body, or something as simple as choosing not to buy sugary treats, which lets you manage your unhealthy cravings. By regaining the right to make decisions about yourself, you also empower yourself to avoid situations that take away your will. 

An equal home 

It doesn’t quite matter how much you believe in equal rights for men and women, the recent salary revelations for the BBC have proven that the gender gap has not disappeared. You can’t change the world on your own. But you can certainly make sure that your mindful home respects women’s rights. In your home, there is no place for gender inequality. Sayings like claiming women belong in the kitchen should be excluded from your home. With women leading a busy professional lifestyle, it’s unfair to assume that they need to maintain their household role too. Tasks should be shared fairly, unless, of course, you enjoy cooking more than your partner. It's the other way round in our house, my other half is a much better cook than me so he is in the kitchen more than I am.

A home that keeps you on  track

Ultimately, at the heart of mindfulness, there is the need to clear up your mind to focus on where you are and what you want to achieve. When everything happens at the same time, and you find yourself having to think of a million things simultaneously, your mind is confronted with the increasing danger of a small attention span. If you can’t focus on long-term goals, you can’t prepare for the future and act today to improve tomorrow’s chances. But you can set your home office to enhance your long-term planning. From a calendar to a cute bullet journal that keeps your attention focused, there are many solutions to make your home your ally. Discipline and organisation are what makes your mindful lifestyle. 

A home that has everything you need for your personal beauty

Do you know what is the first thing that people neglect when they’re stressed out? Themselves. While it doesn’t mean you might stop taking showers or washing your hair, stress and tight deadlines can force you to drop some of your beauty routines. Take a step back and don’t let the external world affect your habits. Fill your home bathroom with organic products that remind you that nature is looking out for you. Using these products is not only good for your skin and hair, but it’s also beneficial for your mental health. Additionally, they are mindful of the environment. 

A home that stays fresh

You know the importance of the outdoors. Being surrounded by nature has a positive impact on your health. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to achieve when modern life encourages urban routines. Where do you find fresh woodland air to clear your mind when you live in the middle of London? Admittedly, there are still plenty of parks in cities and towns, but their positive effect doesn’t last long. Visitors have to go back to their urban lifestyle and their small town flat or house, leaving behind them the peace they’ve found as they walked under the trees of Hyde Park. But you can bring natural elements into your home to stimulate fresh vegetation. In fact, one of the main reasons for nature’s benefits is that it improves the quality of the air. Using plants, even in your own home, clear your indoor air and help to free your thoughts. Your mindful home looks after your health with handy houseplants. 

The question you want to ask yourself is how mindful your home is. Indeed, using your home as a platform for self-improvement and consciousness, you can create an environment that better supports you through life. 

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