Monday 16 July 2018

Blog Tour: In the Dark by Cara Hunter

In the Dark Cara Hunter

After reading Cara's debut Close to Home earlier this year, I knew she would become an author whose books I would want to read the minute I could get my hands on them. When In the Dark became available, I was desperate to read it as Close to Home had been my favourite thriller of the year so far!


When a woman and child are found in a basement close to death, the residents of Oxford are horrified. No one knows who they are and there is no record of them anywhere. DI Fawley is back on the case and we soon begin to realise that no one is as innocent as they seem.

Cara leads you to believe that you have it all sussed out very early on and I'll admit I was initially disappointed as I genuinely thought she had made it far too easy to suss out. But soon I began to realise that I had no only got it wrong, I had got it SO wrong! I had been completely hoodwinked. Cara knows how to keep her readers 'in the dark'.

Once again the police procedural felt so accurate, as a reader you feel like you are getting the real inside view of a police investigation. I love the breaks in the story with text messages, interviews, diagrams,witness statements and more; it really adds to the story and makes it more believable and you feel as though you are part of the investigation.

In the Dark can easily be read as a stand alone, but I would of course urge you to read Close to Home first as this is already becoming an unmissable series. Make sure you add it to your summer reading list!

In the Dark was another fantastic thriller from Cara Hunter, who is fast becoming one of my all time favourite thriller writers.

In the Dark is out now!

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In the Dark Cara Hunter

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