Monday 22 January 2018

Blog Tour: Close to Home by Cara Hunter

This book was SO good! I went in with no expectations and what I got blew me away! As part of my stop on the blog tour today I basically rave about how brilliant this book is. If you love crime/thriller you are going to want to read Close to Home!


Close to Home is currently on the Richard and Judy's book club picks for Spring 2018 and it was only after reading a few pages of the book that you quickly realise why. Close to Home centres around the disappearance of 8 year old Daisy and just how she disappeared without a trace at a family party.

This is the type of book that no matter how tired you are, sleep can wait and I mean this literally as with the last 50 pages to go I knew that I needed to sleep, but the pull of the story was too great to put down and that early night I was meant to have rapidly dissipated.

The police procedural was intricate and really believable. It was the most interesting part from the interviews to the leads to all the analysis. It packed a punch and the best detective point of view I have read in ages.

What was so great about this though is that not until the big reveal at the very end will your need to find out what actually happened be assuaged. You will have to be very astute to even get a whiff of the shocking twist that is coming your way. With the amount of thrillers out there I have been given almost every twist that you can imagine and usually figure out 'whodunit' fairly early on. So to get to the end and still have no idea is no mean feat! And that's not all, there are more twists in this than you can throw a stick at and not only that but every twist scenario imaginable but not the final twist. Cara is very clever at hoodwinking you constantly drip feeding information to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Tense, gripping and your new favourite crime writer. Cara Hunter knows how to pack a punch!

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