Wednesday 13 June 2018

How Can Your Home Help Your Mental Health?

As humans we are hugely affected by our surroundings, so it makes sense that a pleasant home helps put us in the best position for optimal mental health. Our homes are also our safe places, and when you’ve had a rough day just getting into your own space and relaxing can really do you the world of good. Here are some of the ways you can make tweaks to your home that can improve your mental health.

Clean and Declutter

As the saying goes, a tidy home is a tidy mind. Research has shown that mess increases stress levels, you might not think you’re that bothered about a little clutter or might even be used to looking at it  but it is having a psychological effect on you. Spend some time cleaning and decluttering your home. Reorganise everything you’ve decided to keep which will make it easier to find things which again can help with stress levels. Less mess also means it’s easier to clean and remove dust mites, prevent pests and treat things like black mould at the earliest stages which is good for your physical health too. 

Redecorate and Add Plants

Psychology has shown that we are strongly influenced by colour, and we can use this to our advantage in the home. Blue in the home office is a good choice as it can help with productivity, and light neutrals are calming and relaxing. Moss green, pale yellow and silver have been shown to promote good sleep. Plants and flowers also have a positive psychological effect on us, increasing mood and happiness levels. Dot around some living plants around the home and treat yourself to some fresh flowers every couple of weeks. They’re not too expensive from supermarkets and can really brighten up your home and your mood. 

Create Relaxing Areas

We’ve all been there, it’s been a hard day and all you want to do is get home and relax. Doing so after feeling stressed can decrease blood pressure, relieve tense muscles in the body and help to create a calm state of mind. Having relaxing areas in the home can help with this. Invest in a big comfy sofa where you can curl up with a blanket, a book and a cup of tea. Upgrade your bed so you can climb under the covers and watch some Netflix. Improve your bathroom so you can have a nice hot bath or shower to wash off the stress of the day. Lots of companies offer things like shower repairs so you can improve on a budget without having to completely renovate from scratch. A few new fluffy towels, a new bath mat and some accessories will finish the look- add a candle and pour yourself a glass of wine!

Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have outside spaces at your home then enjoy them. Sitting outdoors can be really beneficial, did you know that standing barefoot on grass has been proven to reduce stress, it also stimulates reflexology points on the feet which can benefit the entire body. Make your garden into a little outdoor haven to enjoy when the weather is warm. 

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