Friday 5 January 2018

My Five Reading Resolutions for 2018

I love having reading resolutions, they are usually a bit more achievable than your other lifestyle resolutions like exercise more and eat healthier- you know the usual things you fail to keep up because being a book lover you are going to want to do pretty much nothing else accept read. The last time I made reading resolutions was back in 2014 and they were a bit task like- read them here. I'm hoping to make reading less task orientated and more enjoyable.
1. Read for enjoyment

This may seem like a really obvious one, but I think I put too much pressure on myself last year to read as many books as possible and try and read all the books I was sent for review. Although this has never normally been a problem, last year it all started to feel like a huge chore and I ended up in a reading slump for months. I was sacrificing the enjoyment in other aspects of my life to stay in and read. This year I am only going to read when I want to read.
2. Don't force myself to finish a book I'm not enjoying

There are plenty more books in the sea (well you get my meaning otherwise they would all be soggy!) I used to have to finish a book once I started it as it felt like a waste to start something and then give up. But last year I realised that it was sucking the enjoyment out of reading for me as I was forcing myself to read something that I didn't particularly like. This year if I don't like it I will stop and move onto another book.

3. Read more books I want to read

Another obvious one, but I get so many review books that I more often than not miss out on reading books that haven't been sent for review but sound so good. I am ALWAYS grateful to receive review copies (who isn't?) but if there's a book I like the sound of I want to make the time to read it.

4. Take excellent book photos

So not technically a 'reading' resolution but to me there is nothing more beautiful (well there are some other things) than a book photo and I want to take more of them this year. I recently got a new camera for Christmas and I want to learn how to take better photos.

5. Read more non-fiction

I got into reading non-fiction in 2016 and it's a genre that has exploded back onto the scene particularly in 2018. There are so many books that help you in your day-to-day life and can be so uplifting- one of these for me last year was The Little Book of Lykke- talking about all the things that can make us happy and what we could also introduce into our lives to to make the real world shine just a little bit brighter.
I feel really positive that I can achieve my 2018 reading resolutions this year and can't wait to start. Do you have any 2018 reading resolutions?


  1. I absolutely love this idea! I'm going to steal it 9and link back to you of course). I already wrote my 5 resolutions on my phone notes (I was THAT inspired) on the tube journey just now and there is some definite similarities with yours ;) All of the above in fact, goes for me too, I just have a few other priorities as well and want to keep it to 5. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. Yay that makes me SO happy!I love that you already made a list! I'm really excited to see your post and what you put! x

  2. Good luck in achieving all your resolutions! I'm doing a post like this for Top Ten Tuesday in a few weeks. I'm already quite good at DNFing when I don't enjoy, but I want to vanquish any guilt about it this year!
    Amy xx

    1. Thanks Amy! I will look out for your post and definitely don't feel guilty, your own time is precious xx