Monday 8 January 2018

My hopefully realistic 2018 resolutions

It's funny but new years resolutions tend to have negative vibes around them nowadays. People roll their eyes to the sky when you mention them or are quick to tell you they don't bother and why should you start them in January anyway. Well it's actually been a good few years since I actually sat down and thought about what I wanted to achieve this year and as I firmly want to leave 2017 in the past I am more than ever looking for a fresh start and wanted to get down on paper (or blog) what I wanted to get out of 2018. It's actually been really refreshing to write it all down and I think they are quite realistic too.

1. Learn to be a better photographer

I got my best ever camera for Christmas so I really want to learn how to take better photos and make the most of my camera. I have already been fully learning about ISO, aperture and shutter speed- things that I just completely ignored last year. I have also just purchased a beginners guide to photography. Hopefully by the end of this year I will see a huge improvement.

2. Get back into mountain biking

Mountain biking I hear you. Yes Last year between February and June I went out on my bike pretty much every weekend with my other half and the difference in my fitness was really notable. I could run up the stairs without being breathless at the top and comfortably hold a plank for a whole minute. I stopped going due to being too busy and some other factors, but for the fitness benefits I really want to start again.

3. Learn how to do my makeup properly

I have really annoying oily skin so that by lunch time half my makeup has come off my face. I only really wear foundation and mascara but I would like to sort out some tricks so that my foundation actually stays on my face all day! I also have quite heavy lidded eyelids so a trick to make my eyes look wider and less sleepy would also be hugely beneficial.

4. Eat healthier

Yes I know everyone says this in January but back in 2014 I actually had a really good diet and I could see it in my face as my skin was the best it had ever been. It's quite hard to do when you're doing your weekly shop with your other half and they are the fussiest person EVER when it comes to food, but I'm hoping I can break him in. It also doesn't help that I'm so lazy when it comes to cooking, I'll do anything else but not cooking unless it's quick and easy. Hopefully I can turn this around.

5. Drink more water

Since I started work in an office job I drink an awful lot of tea and not anywhere near enough water. Water is also really good for keeping hunger cravings at bay and in the spirit of wanting to eat healthier I am hoping it will go some way in keeping me off the chocolate and crisps! It will also do wonders for my skin.

6. Stop rushing!

I have no idea why but I am ALWAYS rushing. I can never just relax and take my time and it has nothing to do with being time poor. Sometimes there are situations where I do need to rush, but itwould be nice to just relax when I know I can relax.

7. Get more organised

I am notorious for procrastinating when I have lots of things to do. I basically just don't know where to start so end up doing none of it. I write to-do lists all the time, but always end up jumping around and half starting things and not finishing them. Now when I write a to-do list I am going to do my best to stick to the order of it so that I don't start multiple tasks at once.

I am really hoping that I can stick to at least half of these 2018 resolutions, even if I don't at least the intention was there. What resolutions do you have this year?

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