Thursday 14 July 2022

Chummys Bakery Postal Brownies Review

When the lovely Hope from Chummys Bakery asked if I would be interested in reviewing her postal brownies. I took one look at her gorgeous website, super cute branding and of course some very delicious-looking brownies and I had to say yes.

Who are Chummys Bakery?

Based in the West Midlands Chummys Bakery offer a wide range of delicious baked goods including cupcakes and postal brownies suitable for any occasion. Whether that's special occasions or corporate occasions, Chummys really do have something for everyone.

Postal Brownies

Lets be honest, who doesn't want brownies delivered by post?! If ever there was a simple, quick and easy pick me up, postal brownies are the one. And they make great gifts too. Apart from the delicious looking brownies, the packaging they came in was absolutely everything for me. From the box to how the brownies were wrapped, the little postcard and details of which brownies you have got in your box.

The Brownies

These brownies were honestly amongst the best I have ever tasted. They come in boxes of 6 or 12. The flavours I got to try were Kinder Bueno, Lotus Biscuit, Terry's Chocolate Orange, Oreo, Mint Aero and their original brownie. 

I would hugely recommend that you heat them up first as Chummys recommend because it was honestly food heaven. I loved all of them but actually I really liked their original brownie best. I of course didn't eat all of these myself, I shared them with my husband and we ate them in a matter of days. 

Overall absolutely delicious and highly recommend. Get your postal brownies here.

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