Monday 25 April 2022

Book Review: Begars Abbey, V. L. Valentine

Having read and enjoyed V. L. Valentine’s debut The Plague Letters, I of course had to read Begars Abbey, which sounded like it would deliver the same level if not more eery darkness than her last!


Sam’s Mother has just died and she has truly been left with nothing. She has no prospects and can’t afford to pay the rent, but she’s always thought her Mother was hiding something. As she goes through her mother's things, Sam finds a stack of hidden letters that reveal a family and an inheritance that she never knew she had, three thousand miles away in Yorkshire. Initially, her contact tries to put her off coming but Sam is adamant – she has to meet the Grandmother she never knew about.

Upon arriving at Begars Abbey, she discovers a crumbling, run-down house that used to be a prioress, her mute Grandmother and some very odd servants. She still can’t understand why her Mother hid it from her, but when she discovers her Mother’s diaries, Sam starts to become more afraid, especially of a presence that lingers in the corridors at night. Undeterred, Sam is determined to uncover the secrets, but she won’t get them so easily.

This was a very creepy and mysterious read. I do enjoy a gothic story and I was just as determined as Sam to find out why her Mother had run away and never told Sam about Begars Abbey.

The constant sense of foreboding, creepiness and anticipation made this a brilliant gothic read. Plus the dark twist at the end was well worth the wait!

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