Tuesday 1 March 2022

Book Review: The Physicians Daughter by Martha Conway

Historical fiction is the gift that keeps on giving this year and my latest favourite read is The Physician's Daughter by Maria Conway. All the yeses to pioneering women.

It's 1865 and the American Civil War has just ended. It has hit everyone hard, but 18-year old Vita still has dreams of becoming a doctor. That is until her Father is determined to thwart this silly idea of hers and marry her off. Vita is cannot let this happen, she has done her research and listed all the women she knows who have defied societal expectations and become doctors, but her Father won't be swayed. That is until she meets Jacob Culhane and they hatch a plan...

I seem to be reading a lot of books recently where women are defying the constraints of their time, and I am so here for it! Vita is a vibrant, brilliant and extremely smart character who knew she was destined to be more than just a wife. People try to stop her a every corner, especially her Father, but she never lets that stop her. Vita still has some growing up to do, having been quite sheltered, but I loved watching her adapt and grow. Plus I was always hoping she would find that happy medium that she didn't realise she wanted at first.

What I also loved about this was reading aloud to my fiancé the different pieces of advice on marriage that are shared at the beginning of each chapter. These were actual marriage advice given in the 1800's and 1900's! I was shocked into laughter at how ludicrous and backwards everything was. I am relieved to be a western woman of the 21st century!

I found The Physician's Daughter such an easy read to get into. The American civil war is not an era of history I have read much about, but Martha really enlightened me to this period of history and it's repercussions. 

An unputdownable story about pioneering women defying expectations and carving themselves a new path.

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