Tuesday 1 March 2022

Book Review: One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle

Having been so blown away about Rebecca's debut In Five Years, I was really looking forward to reading her next book One Italian Summer, and I enjoyed it just as much.


When Katy loses her Mum, she is absolutely devastated and totally lost. Her Mum was her best friend and her rock. Before she passed away, they had booked a trip to go to Italy together, still believing that it would have been possible. Katy decides that she is going to go by herself, she needs to get away and revaluate what she does now. What she doesn't expect once she gets there is to see her Mum there in the flesh, but herself at 30 years old. Baffled but overjoyed to somehow have her Mum back, Katy gets to know another side of her that she didn't know, the one that didn't have it all together and didn't have a clue.

One Italian Summer was a stunning magical read that utterly transported me to the beautiful Positano on the Almafi Coast. I think it's what I enjoyed most about the story, the setting was not only absolutely divine, but the descriptions of the italian food made my mouth water. Honestly just for that alone I would recommend you read this book, I am desperate to get on a plane to Italy now.

What I now can say that I love about Rebecca's books is her ability to make the impossible seem possible. Whilst reading it was hard to tell what was real and what isn't and that's what I loved about it.

The only things I weren't sure on were some of Katy's choices and I really don't think she realised just how fortunate she was in other areas of her life, but this was just something that occasionally niggled at me. But then she is trying to figure it all out.

One Italian Summer was a magical, beautiful and sentimental story. Just thinking about it now makes me think I am in the warm sun by the Almafi Coast.

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