Monday 15 February 2021

Book Review: Space Hopper by Helen Fisher

Space Hopper is a book I have been seeing all over Twitter and Instagram with its bright orange cover and when the synopsis mentioned going back in time, I was sold. Now I get to share my review with you thanks to Anne at Random Things Tours.


What would you do if you could go back in time and speak to the ones you loved but didn't get enough time with them? That's exactly the chance Faye gets when by a very unexpected turn of events lands her back in the 1970's in her childhood home. Faye lost her Mother at a very young age and although she is happy, she still deeply misses her as her time with her was so fleeting. Now she has the chance to get back some of that time she lost with her Mother, but at what cost and will she be able to go back to her family?

Give me a book about time travel and I am almost 100% guaranteed to love it. What was refreshing for me about Space Hopper is that it is more magical realism than science fiction and it has been ages since I have read anything in that genre and my love for it has since rekindled.

This was a very emotional, poignant read. It also brings into question the question of faith and believing which I found so interesting and thought provoking. It also made sense with the plot as there is no unnecessary rationalization around all that happens.

I think I would have liked more than one point of view to this story rather than just Faye's, but that's mainly because I wanted a more from the story as I just love time travel stories so much.

This was a wonderful story that I happily got lost in. 

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