Tuesday 28 July 2020

Feathertide by Beth Cartwright

I have had this beautiful looking book on my TBR pile for longer than I care to admit. It just looked so beautiful, I almost didn't want to open it. I'm very happy to report that the story was just as beautiful as it's cover.


Marea was born under a luminous star-filled sky with a cluster of feathers at her shoulder. Marea has always know she is different and her Mother, has deliberately kept her hidden from the world. But Marea longs to know where she is from and when she is old enough, she travels to the City of Murmurs to find her Father and find out who she truly is. A city of mystery and enchantment and magical mist awaits and she will never forget what she learns there.

The first page of Feathertide had me entranced in it magical grip. The descriptions such as the crackling of the bonfire transported me to that cold, autumn night with the bright stars in the sky, despite the weather being very different outside of the pages of the book. The writing was simply stunning and added to that sense of magic and enchantment.

I loved following Marea on her journey and the City of Murmurs became a place of wonder and magic that I would also love to visit. I loved that fairytale vibe and how magic is always just around the corner. The characters were well crafted and I thought the magical realism element of the story didn't make it feel like this was too far away from the world we live in. 

I think the only criticism of Feathertide and why it didn't quite make 5 stars was like the main character, we were always waiting for that next thing to happen and it took a little bit away from the excitement and anticipation.

Feathertide was a hotly anticipated 2020 release for me and I loved getting lost amongst its pages. I am finding that debut authors are becoming some of my most favourite and treasured books and this one is no exception.

A beautiful, atmospheric and magical story. I hope Beth Cartwright has more in store for us.

Feathertide is out now

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