Sunday 15 March 2020

Blog Tour: The River Home by Hannah Richell

I remember when Hannah Richell's debut, Secrets of the Tides was a Richard and Judy bestseller back in 2012. I read and fell in love with Hannah's writing and I am so pleased to be sharing my review for her latest book, The River Home as part of her first ever blog tour!


Hannah is an absolutely beautfiul writer and The River Home really was an equisite book. I very quickly became wrapped up in the world of Windfalls and Kit and her three daughters, Margot, Eve and Lucy. 

Margot hasn't been back to Windfalls for eight years, but a message from both her sisters urging her to come back for Lucy's wedding and they need her. When Margot returns the old tensions rear their head and old wounds reopen. The wedding may bring them together but the secrets they are keeping from each other refuse to stay hidden and their family may be torn apart once again.

I loved the sense of mystery whilst reading this and also a slight sense of the ethereal. It was very easy to feel like you were there with them all and I liked the way that Hannah gently drip-feeds information as to what had gone before and what announcement Lucy has coming for the family.

The relationships the three sisters had felt like the relationship I have with my own sister and that was strong and unbreakable. They are going to be tested, but will that ultimately bring them closer together.

I honestly could not put this one down. Every time I picked it up, I was completely transported to the world of Windfalls to the point I could almost hear the river moving and smell the apples in the orchard.

The River Home is an engrossing read full of mystery and family secrets. I loved every second.

Part of The River Home Blog Tour

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