Wednesday 11 March 2020

Blog Tour: Messy, Wonderful Us by Catherine Isacc

I was really lucky to meet Catherine Isacc a few years back at a book event and she was absolutely lovely, so I couldn’t pass up on being part of the blog tour for her latest book Messy, Wonderful Us and sharing my review.


Messy, Wonderful Us is exactly as the title describes. It follows Allie who comes from a loving family, but just like most families they aren’t perfect. This becomes even more apparent when Allie accidentally discovers a photograph at her Grandmother’s house that throws everything she has ever known into question. Determined to find out what this means, this takes her on a journey to Italy with her best friend Ed and more secrets start to emerge than either of them could have predicted.

This was just the type of read I needed right now. It’s deals with some serious issues but the whole story felt light-hearted and ‘normal’ if that makes sense. I really liked Allie, I felt that she was relatable and a character you could easily get behind.

I also loved the setting of Lake Garda, I felt utterly transported to the wonderful vineyards and the beautiful scenery. Catherine captured all this perfectly.

Despite all the ‘secrets’, I thought this was going to be a pretty straight forward story, but Catherine through a curveball right in the middle of the story which I genuinely didn’t see coming and then I felt like I was reading almost a completely different story to the one I expected. I liked that it was also peppered with different character viewpoints that really added to the story overall.

I finished this feeling uplifted and with a nice feeling of satisfaction. I love Catherine’s writing; it was so easy to get into and I ended up reading the book really quickly.

Poignant, emotional and full of wonderful characters. A perfect read.

Part of the Messy, Wonderful Us Blog Tour

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