Friday 3 January 2020

January TBR pile

Throughout 2019 I completely lost my reading mojo. Nothing was grabbing me and reading felt like a complete chore. Dare I say it but I think I might have it back and I have put together some reads for January that I am hoping will keep my reading mojo alive.

january tbr pile

I am so excited that I have my reading mojo back and rather than the one book or so I was reading a month, I'm hoping to get that back up to at least 5. This is my tentative TBR and it may be a little bit ambitious but these are the books I am aiming to read.

The Binding - I meant to join in the readalong for this, but I got ill so wasn't able to join in. I've had the hardback version of this for a while, but I wanted to pick up the paperback version so it's easier for me to take with me.

The Choice - I am part of the blog tour for this one and when I read the blurb, my curiosity was instantly peaked. Everything you ate was monitored by the government. Every step you took was counted. Your children were weighed every day at school.
Neighbours reported on neighbours and no one was safe from judgement. Sugar was illegal, and baking was a crime. Imagine if that world was here... What would you do?

The Followers - I am also part of the blog tour for this one and this book couldn't be more relevant. Set in 2051, Marlow and Floss have been selected to live their lives on camera. Floss loves the spotlight whereas Marlow hates it and it's only when she discovers something unsettling about her birth. I'm so excited to start this one.

The Deathless Girls - I've wanted to read this for ages so when I unwrapped this one on Christmas Day, I was thrilled to have it in my pocession. This is the untold story of Dracula's brides. Are you watching the TV show on now?

The Starless Sea - So I have three different versions of this book so I think it's high time I read it. I adored The Night Circus when it was released back in 2012, so this is highly anticpated.

Sister's Grimm - I was so lucky to win a copy of this last year so again it is high time I read this one too! This is the story of four sisters Grimm – daughters born to different mothers on the same day, each born out of bright-white wishing and black-edged desire. They found each other at eight years-old, were separated at thirteen and now, at nearly eighteen, it is imperative that they find each other once again. In thirty-three days they will meet their father in Everwhere. Only then will they discover who they truly are, and what they can truly do. Then they must fight to save their lives and the lives of the ones they love. Three will live, one will die. You’ll have to read on to find out who and why…

So that is my tentative TBR pile for January. What do you have on your TBR pile?

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