Monday 9 December 2019

Heartfelt with Moonpig

Believe it or not, I do get out occasionally, especially when Christmas festivities are involved! I couldn't miss the chance to visit Moonpig HQ with my lovely friend Zarina for Christmas cardmaking, centerpiece making and cocktail making. 

Greeted by some very festive cheer and a very convincing fire, Christmas had most certainly arrived at Moonpig Headquarters. We were also treated to an absolutely yummy array of food and some very lovely cocktails. This was extremely welcome and my eyes lit up at the mince pies. 

We had a mingle and a look at the very festive Christmas display with the cards and gifts on offer from Moonpig before sitting down to listen to CEO, Nickyl Raithatha. Moonpig's message this Christmas is about making it personalised this Christmas. Did you know that 1 in 3 people use Moonpig to buy their cards? That is a huge amount of people and I literally had no idea how many people like to personalise their cards. What a lovely thought.

If you're like me, Moonpig is where I like to go for all things personalised. Whether it's cards or gifts, I really like my presents and cards to mean that little something extra. Myself and my fiance have been using Moonpig for years and we have both kept the cards we have given each other and it's nice to look back at them.

Next it was time for the Christmas acitvities to start and we started off with photocard making to personalise our Christmas cards. We got to use a geen screen and choose from a selection of backgrounds like a snowglobe or a polar bear. I decided to go with the polar bear and the hilarious result is below. We got to send these to the important people in our lives and my fiance got his a couple of days ago and he loved it.

We had a bit of time between activities, and Moonpig had provided us with a real life Santa! I of course had to get a picture with him and not feel ridiculous about it by not having to queue up with a load of children - haha. I made sure to give him my Christmas list. 

Then we were on to what was my favourite activity of the night which was centerpiece making. We got to pick a pink letterbox sized box and three vases to start and then a lovely lady gave us some hints and tips on how to make our centerpieces shine. I had picked a box with red and white roses, with berries and glittery leaves. This felt very therapeutic and my end result was surprisingly better than expected. You can send letterbox flowers from Moonpig and they are a lovely idea for a friend or a loved one, especially in case they are not at home to receieve them. 

I want to thank the lovely Moonpig team for a fantastic festive evening.

Don't forget to make it heartfelt with Moonpig this Christmas.

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