Tuesday 1 October 2019

Covent Garden's Hidden Gems

Covent Garden, London is one of the most popular places in London to visit. With so much to see and do, there may be some gems there that you could miss. Look for a covent garden hotel to stay in as with so much to see and do you will definitely want to make a weekend of it. I was tasked* with showing you some of the hidden gems of Covent Garden that you may not have heard of or even knew were nearby, so here are some of those said hidden gems.

Where to visit in covent garden

Neals Yard

Hidden behind Seven Dials is the very colourful Neals Yard. Set in it's own little allyway, it's packed with restaurants, cafes, shops and a very pretty hairdressers. This is a beautiful little corner that you could easily miss, but once found you will want to visit again and again.


If you're looking for an American style diner experience, look no further than Maxwells. Originally opened in London in the 1970's, it is one of Covent Garden's most established restaurants with mouthwatering food from burgers to ribs to the infamous freakshakes. There are so many yummy burgers to choose from and considering the price of the other restaurants around Covent Garden, this is definitely one of the most reasonable. They also have a delicious cocktail menu and a very nice bar to sit at if you're just looking for a drink. If you have room after your burger, give one of their freakshakes a go. With up to 20 different flavours including Pokemon and Spice Girls freakshakes, this are a definite one to try.

London Transport Museum

Considering how big this museum is, you just might miss it. Look back at the past 200 years of London's transport and the people that have travelled across it throughout the years. You can also get a peak into the future technologies on London transport that are coming. Also don't miss the museum shop and cafe where you can pick up an array of London Underground collectibles.

Milk Train

I think Milk Train is my most favourite find in Covent Garden and definitely one of the most instagrammable. Milk Train is the next level ice cream store. Pick and choose your toppings from sprinkles to chocolate drops and candyfloss. You are definitely going to need room to devour these gorgeous creations! I went for the autumn special, which was their maple tree pot ice cream. It looked beautiful and I got given a little shovel to eat it with as the toppings were made to look like soil.

O'Craquelin Patisserie

This is the perfect afternoon stop for a hot drink and a gorgeous dessert. The staff were so friendly and the desserts not only looked beautiful, they tasted divine. Also with every dessert you ordered you got a free drink and with every drink you ordered you got a free madeline - win-win!

Olivia Burton

And the most beautiful shop award goes to Olivia Burton. I love, love, love this store. It not only has stunning watches and jewellery, it's shop space is probably the most beautiful I've been in. Even if you don't buy anything, I hugely recommend a visit.


One other place I can't not mention is Teatulia. Found right in the heart of Covent Garden, this was the perfect rest stop before we were off on our adventures again. The tea is grown by the 3,500 women who run their organic garden, to create a range of bold, clean-tasting teas. I had the jasmine tea and you have a timer counting down to when your tea is perfectly brewed. The setting was incredibly relaxing and I could have spent the best of the day in there.

Top Secret Comedy Club

End your busy day of exploring at the Top Secret Comedy Club. This is a real gem of a find if you love your comedy. With tickets starting at £8 you can't go wrong with this stand up comedy club. You don't know what comedians will be on until you get there, but you're almost guaranteed to have an evening of laughs and sometimes you might even get to see a top comedian. You can also book these tickets pretty last minute like I did which is always a bonus when you're not quite as organised as me.

*This post was part of a collaboration with Hotels.com who gifted me the spending money but all views are my own.

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