Tuesday 24 September 2019

Lounge Around (In Or Out Of The Lounge): Creating Spaces To Relax In The Home

Relaxation is a crucial component to any home and if you have a space that's overrun with mess and clutter, you might very well retreat into your garden to escape the sheer magnitude of it all. But when you're in the home, you deserve a space to relax, even if it's a small one. And it's not just about picking one room, it's about making the whole place feel more relaxing. How can we create a space that helps us to relax, but also turns our home into a more calming environment?

Increase That Sense Of Privacy

You may live in an area that not particularly peaceful, or your living room is free game for people to walk past and stare into the property. And as annoying as this may be, if you want to feel calm at home you've got to find a way to increase your sense of privacy. One simple way to do it is to get some blinds, but this doesn't help to let light into the property. Getting some blinds helps, but you can personalise it in your own way. Setting up your own room gives you the opportunity to calm down in a space that's for you and you alone. And if you don't feel that sense of privacy, decorating it in a way that calms you down can help add that little extra sensation of relaxation.

Get Rid Of Clutter

If you feel stressed in your own home, clutter is the first thing that means addressing. Clutter is incredibly distracting, and just creates that idea of chaos. Think about things that add to the space, rather than detracts from it. It's about being sparing with the implements and using the right things that can relax you. Something like a family photograph works great, but too many family photographs dotted around looks like clutter. As well as this, think about tying the room together with a sense of symmetry Having flowers in one part of the room looks great, as long as it provides a focal point.

Don't Underestimate The Senses

An incredibly important aspect of any home is making sure that it looks relaxing, but also smells, and sounds relaxing. If you live in a built-up area that constant hum of traffic can be frustrating, in which case, think about ways to soundproof your home as this will minimise additional stress. As well as this, think about how you want the property to smell. If during the winter, you leave all the windows closed, it can create that musty smell; think about scented candles or a reed diffuser that helps not just a mask the smell that creates that air of freshness.

Also, think about what you want it to be. Creating focal points can help clear your mind subconsciously but think about what you really want. When we start to look at our space, we can realise that it's not working for us, so this is why we set up a room which starts to make the whole property a bit more relaxing. It's all about those little things. When you start to make little tweaks in this manner, it can help the space overall. Relaxing is harder to do now, which is why we have got to find ways to trick our subconscious into calming down.

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