Sunday 10 March 2019

Tired Of Your Look? You Don't Need A Complete Overhaul

If you’re someone who loves to get all dressed up and go out looking and feeling your best, then there's a good chance you’ve gone through quite a few style changes over the years. You’ve had the emo years when you were a teenager. Maybe you branched out into more of a preppy style after that. And then by the time you were in your early to mid 20s, you finally found something that felt like you - but you know your style is still evolving, and you’re excited for all the changes to come! 

But if you’re someone who’s a little more lost, and a little more confused about the clothes you put on your body, and the confidence you exude in the styles you wear, then this is the post for you. After all, we all get tired of the look we have from time to time, so you deserve to have some pointers to steer you in the right direction. Of course, all fashion is subjective, but we can use a few general consensus to start us off! 

It’s time to repurpose the old and look forward to the new! A change in style will take some getting used to, but it can be very simple to manage if you use your old wardrobe. (Image)

Repurpose Your Items

When it comes to changing your look, you can work very well with what’s already in your wardrobe. After all, many clothing items have more than one style or use to them, and you should use this fact to your advantage. It’s going to be a lot cheaper on you if you do!

Say you have a dress that doesn’t quite fit anymore, whether it’s too short in the knee or has some frayed edges - start using it as a t-shirt! Sure, it may be a long shirt, but those always look great over a pair of jeans, which you probably have quite few of to put to good use. Or maybe you’ve got a crop top that doesn’t quite finish the definition of crop anymore… make use of it as some casual lingerie if you don’t want to throw it away for lazy days, or use it as a night piece to fall asleep in. 

New piercing

Piercings are more popular than ever, and all parts of your body have the ability to be pierced, so you’re spoiled for choice here. Of course, face piercings are going to be the most popular and common of them all, but you can always go in for a belly button piercing if you’re someone who’s rarely seen without a crop top and a cardigan on! That’ll really spice things up. 

If you don’t have your ears pierced, maybe now would be a time to consider paying for that to happen? It’s a simple procedure, and there’s more earring options out there than any other kind of jewellery - it’d be a great fashion option to invest in. Or maybe you like your nose studs, seeing as they add more definition and colour to your face? 

Piercings can be a big step for a lot of people, so make sure you give this idea a real think before you commit to it. But if you do, a whole new world of accessories can be opened up to you. 

Change Your Makeup Colours

Makeup is something a lot of people wear on a daily basis, and quite a few of those people consider it as essential as putting on some clothes themselves. Some people can feel rather naked without having a bit of foundation and mascara on their faces, and some people never feel their looks are complete without eyeliner and some framed lips. 

Well, if you’re looking to change your style in a subtle way, think about changing your makeup colours. The more wild you go with this idea, the better! Maybe some darker lipstick instead of your nude palette - just make sure you get a bit of primer to stop the black pigment from going all over your teeth and the cutlery and crockery you eat and drink out of. Maybe brown or blue eyeliner instead of the regular black, which will add a hint of alertness or smokiness to your eyes, rather than simply making them bolder. 

If you’re getting tired of your current look, make sure you explore new and improved ways to wear it. Mix and match, and never stop until you’re satisfied. And never forget the accessories! 

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