Tuesday 4 September 2018

Blog Tour: You Let Me In by Lucy Clarke

I am a huge fan of Lucy Clarke's books ever since I read her debut The Sea Sisters, so I am delighted to be on the tour for her fifth book You Let Me In. Today as part of the tour I get to share a little teaser of the book with you. Not to be missed!


I’d like to offer you one piece of advice. It’s just a small thing. It won’t apply to many of you – but it is important.

It changed everything for me.

It’s this: if you’re considering letting someone into your house, pause first. Think.

Think about what it means to give a stranger – or strangers – the keys to your home.

Think about that stranger drifting through your house; a hand slipped into a drawer; fingers trailing through the clothes hanging in your wardrobe; the bathroom cabinet opened, examined.

Think about where their gaze may linger; the photos of you and your family hanging on the walls; the calendar in the kitchen outlining your plans; the file you keep at the bottom of a trunk.

Think about that person lying in your bed; the mattress moulding to their warm body; tiny cells of their skin shedding on your sheets; their breath moist against your pillow.

What other parts of themselves will they leave behind?

What parts of you will they discover?


‘What happens in the first chapter of your novel should be like an arrow pointing to the last.’

Author Elle Fielding

I slow the car into the curve of the lane, feeling it bounce over ruts and channels, loose gravel spraying from beneath the tyres.

As the track climbs, I straighten, peering beyond the hedgerows to catch a glimpse of the sea. In the muted light of dusk, I spot whitecaps breaking across the water, the sea ruffled by wind. Already, my breathing softens.

I flick off the radio, not wanting the presenter’s voice to dilute the next moment. I’ve been looking forward to it during the long drive from London to Cornwall.

As I turn the corner, I see it: the house on the cliff top, standing like a promise at the track’s end.

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