Friday 21 September 2018

Blog Tour: The Toymakers by Robert Dinsdale

The Toymakers

Today's book review is part of The Toymakers blog tour. Some stories are simply magical and able to utterly transport you to another world and that's exactly what The Toymakers does. Read on for my full review.


Imagine a place that opens upon first frost, a place full of wonder and magic, a place not just for children but grown-ups to revisit their childhoods. Welcome to The Emporium!

Where do I even begin to describe this absolute gem of a story? It managed to be utterly magical and yet hard hitting at the same time. There were so many layers to it, love, loss, war (of the actual kind and the sibling kind) and nostalgia with magic and fairytales thrown in to give light where there is dark. There are some stories that you want to savour and The Toymakers very quickly becomes one of those. It really felt like so much care and attention had gone into the making of this story and that's part of the reason it felt so precious. I can easily see this becoming a classic one day.

The Toymakers was truly an enchanting read to say the least. I loved the imagination and the wonder that Robert delights his readers with. It gets you thinking about your own childhood and those toys that you turned to for comfort. Childhood feels so fleeting when you're an adult and it's easy to forget that we were all once children so it was lovely to be brought back if only for a little while.

It was so easy to get completely immersed in this, I truly was transported to the wonderful world of The Emporium. I love magical realism in stories and The Toymakers has brought back my love of it; more please! Oh and this is definitely one for your Christmas reading pile.

The Toymakers is out now

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