Sunday 23 September 2018

Blog Tour: A Little Bird Told Me by Marianne Holmes

I do so love Sundays especially when the weather outside is cold and wet so I have an excuse to stay indoors and read. Today is exactly like that so what more of a perfect post could I share with you than my latest book review. Agora books are a publisher that only came across my radar earlier this year and so far the two books I have read from them have been so good and I am so pleased that Agora picked them up as I would have missed out on these two gems. Funnily enough A Little Bird Told Me nearly slipped from their grasp too, so I feel extra lucky to have got to read this and be part of the blog tour for it for which I share my full review.


In the scorching summer of 1976, Robyn is spending her summer in that carefree way any child would until her family's behaviour starts to become strained. No one will tell her what is going on, but in a small town no one is very good at keeping secrets...

A Little Bird Told Me was a fantastic book to get your teeth into. Full of mystery and family secrets, you are constantly drip fed snippets of information so you are left hankering for more. Written from the perspective of Robyn as a child and as an adult we get the sense of her childhood confusion and innocence to the determined young woman who wants to atone for the part she played. What was so cleverly done by the author was little Robyn trying to interpret and understand what the adults around her were saying and how easily confused and led a child can become.

The writing in this was beautiful, it was evocative, transporting and every little detail leapt of the page. A Little Bird Told Me quickly became one of those books that you simply don't want to put down.

A lot darker and twisty than the synopsis lets on, I was hooked by this from beginning to end. The underlying tension is palpable throughout as you never know when the bang is going to come. The ending was revelatory and not what I was expecting at all. Really cleverly done; Marianne Holmes is definitely one to watch.

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