Friday 1 June 2018

Being fashionable is about yourself, not trends

Do you sometimes sit back on your sofa, with a cup of freshly brewed tea, and lose yourself in the latest fashion magazine? There’s a new trend on each page and especially in the high end magazines you see pictures of clothes that you wouldn’t dream of buying as one jumper could cost you your monthly salary. And then you start to think are you even fashionable? When you compare yourself to the hair brushed and photoshopped ladies in the magazines, you can’t help thinking that maybe some clothes are not designed for you or wouldn't suit you as you don't look like those women.

If this is a common line of thoughts, you need to stop right now. Being fashionable is a personal statement that has nothing to do with following social trends and magazines’ expectations. Here’s a little reminder of what fashion should mean to you, and why you should embrace it. 

Are you fashionable?
Fashionable is not skinny like in the magazines

Sure, the girls in the magazines look wonderful, and the clothes seem to fit them perfectly. But you need to remember that it’s their job. They are also surrounded by a team of designers – who can pull, pin and amend each piece of clothing so that it looks good in the picture. You don’t have that chance, and that’s why most fashion experts recommend getting your clothes tailored to fit your body shape. Additionally, women come in more than one shape. You might want to look at brands and shops that embrace body diversity with their pret a porter collections. Ultimately, the question is: How many women do you know who are built like a top model? Proportionally speaking, tall and skinny is not the most common shape. 

Fashionable doesn’t mean changing your personality

It’s a misconception to believe that you need to change who you are to remain fashionable. Indeed, the fashion industry is often connected to popular activities such as running, yoga or even blogging. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to fulfill the magical triangle of trends to be called fashionable. It’s about embracing your style with your favourite hobbies. If you enjoy reading, don’t feel like you need to give up. Carrying your book in your handbag is not anti-fashion. Do you know why? Because fashion is nothing but an expression of who you are. So, create your own trends!

Fashionable is not about unnatural style

The looks on the catwalks often inspire fashion. Does it mean you need to work your smokey eyes technique and follow the kale smoothie diet? No, it doesn’t. In fact, you don’t need to take drastic steps to improve your appearance. Fashion is about feeling good in your skin and being healthy. From gentle skin care products to healthy eating habits, you don’t need to force your body through unnatural approaches. 

The bottom line is that being fashionable is about developing a healthy relationship with yourself. Embrace your shape, your health, your interests. You are your own trendsetter! 

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