Thursday 31 May 2018

Puns in the post and a competition with Morse Toad

I love receiving things in the post. There is just something so special about a little parcel or gift coming through the letterbox that isn't just another bill or junk mail.  Morse Toad are a company adding to that excitement of receiving a letterbox gift.

Morse Toad grew from wanting to let people know you were thinking of them but with something special, not just an email or text or flowers, but something with real meaning and with a bit of humour thrown in too. They do a mixture of personalised gifts, and pun gifts and I received one of their super puns in the post gifts to review.

It was super easy to order, you choose which pun you would like- there are five to choose from. Then you can upload a photo of your choice or choose from the selection that Morse Toad have and then add the message you would like. I got this the very next day after ordering it and you don't have to pay delivery so this was great.

This gorgeous box arrived in a beautiful gold envelope, making it really stand out from your usual post and giving it that extra special feel. Once opened you are encouraged to open it in the gorgeous box.

When you open it you get your lovely chosen photo and your pun in a gorgeous slab of chocolate. I thought it looked so lovely and as I am giving this to my niece I found it very hard not to eat it. 

On the back of the card is your message in really cute font. This is the size of a credit card so can be popped in the recipient's purse or wallet as a keepsake to carry around with them.

Prices for these gorgeous puns in the post start at £6.95 including delivery and the fact that you can personalise them makes them even more special. It's quick and simple to do and you will definitely make someone's day.


Want the chance to win £100 and 25 free boxes? Simply visit Morse Toad's website, don't miss it!

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