Thursday 17 May 2018

Afternoon Tea with Rosanna Ley and Quercus Books

It is less than a month until the paperback publication of Her Mother's Secret comes out and last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending an afternoon tea with Rosanna Ley at the Covent Garden hotel in London. It wasn't an opportunity I wanted missed, so I booked the day off work and heading into the busy streets of London for the day.

The last delightful book I read of Rosanna's was The Last Dance in Havanna and she whisked me away to the electric delights of Cuba. It was such a beautiful and evocative read, I was of course delighted to get to meet Rosanna in person and she was so so lovely and down to earth for such a successful author, I was a little starstruck but she made us all feel at ease which was so lovely. I am yet to read Her Mother's Secret but the cover alone has enticed me enough to bump it up the ever growing to-be-read pile. We also got to hear about her next book, which I won't spoil just yet but it has an excellent title already and one which her husband chose.

With the Royal wedding coming up, we of course had to choose the Royal Afternoon Tea option and what delights ensued. It consisted of traditional english treats like victoria sponge and scones and of course some American favourites like salt beef and gherkin bagel. We also were treated to a glass of bubbly.

I had a truly wonderful few hours with Rosanna, Olivia Mead from Quercus books, Isabelle Broom from Heat magazine, My Weekly‘s Commissioning Fiction Editor Karen Byrom and fellow bloggers Linda from Linda's Book Bag and Heidi from Heidi Howlett.

A huge thank you to Quercus books for the invite and for the chance to meet Rosanna Ley. Her Mother's Secret is out in hardback now and paperback on June 12th.

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