Monday 5 March 2018

The Memory Chamber by Holly Cave

This Monday brings my stop on the tour for The Memory Chamber by Holly Cave. This has been the most thought-provoking read I have read this read. Don't miss! Full review below.


Imagine if you could guarantee a heaven when you die. A heaven that you could create with all of your happiest memories, your first kiss, holiday with friends or the birth of your child. Isobel is a Heaven Architect. She can help those who don't have long left create their afterlives from, memories. She loves what she does although there are those who don't agree. The last thing she does expect though is to fall for one of her terminally ill, married clients Jarek and little does she know what she has let herself in for.

What a fantastically clever and different concept The Memory Chamber was. I love speculative fiction that imagines what out future could hold. Holly's premise is also a highly intelligent one where she explores the blurred ethical lines of creating a heaven so that people can live forever. Do people truly die if their memories live on? What about those who people want in their heaven, do they get a say? 

Isobel is utterly invested in what she does and believes that she is doing good for her clients, despite what others say. But when she meets Jarek, this is all thrown sideways as we and Isobel are taken down a dark path and she starts to doubt everything she once believed in.

A hugely unique story that draws you further and further in. Some brilliant and unexpected twists are thrown into the mix as well.  

This is the type of book I would love to be seen made into a film!

The Memory Chamber is out now

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