Thursday 1 March 2018

Blog Tour: Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris #ForgetSleep

I am delighted to be Thursday's stop on the blog tour for B.A. Paris' latest book, Bring Me Back. As part of my stop on the tour, I am sharing my review. Find out what I thought of B.A. Paris' latest book.


B.A Paris is back! I have been excited for her latest book for ages, so when a copy finally landed on my doorstep I was reading it straight away. If you are a B.A. Paris fan I feel your anticipation and it won't disappoint. 

Layla and Finn are on holiday in France, when Finn stops for petrol, the last thing he expects is to return and find Layla completely gone. Fast forward 12 years and Layla is still missing, but Finn has put the past behind him, well almost...

B.A. Paris is great at sucking you into a storyline and not letting you go. The first part of the book I was eager to find out what exactly happened that day when Layla disappeared. We quickly realise that something is afoot in Finn's side of the story, but just exactly what that is builds the suspense.

Although not my favourite of the author's books, this is definitely worth reading, especially if you are new to the thriller genre. A bit frustratingly for me, I guessed the ending pretty early on, so it lost some of the momentum that you initially get at the beginning of the book. It is still really compelling and despite guessing the twist earlier than I would have liked, it was still a brilliant twist. If I hadn't have read so many other thrillers beforehand, I would have been utterly hoodwinked, so blame my obsession for thrillers!

Like the campaign suggests, you can #ForgetSleep or an early night in my case as you will need to find out what happens.

Bring Me Back is out on March 8th

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