Wednesday 7 February 2018

Make Valentines Day more personal this year

Valentines is one of those celebrations that you either get excited about, roll your eyes at or that seems to come around so quick you're not prepared. Then there's the added issue of what to get your loved one? I think GiftsOnline4U may have come to save the day!

I don't go all out on Valentines Day but I think it's a great time to show your loved ones/best friends etc how much you appreciate them and small gestures go a long way. That said I am one of those people that really struggles with what to buy my other half on Valentines day. I don't want to just get any old thing, I want to get something meaningful and more personalised. It shows the other person that you have gone beyond just buying a present and really put some thought into it without going overboard.

The following two gifts from GiftsOnline4U are genuinely perfect. They give you the chance to make brilliant Personalised Valentines Gifts, not only on the actual product but you can add your own photos too.

The first product and my absolute favourite is one of their Engraved Gifts their Personalised Photo Frame Cube. This really is stunning. The lid can be personalised with initials or names of  your choice. You also get to add four of your own photos meaning this is a great piece to showcase on shelves, tables or a fireplace if you have one! Made of oak, this is a great quality piece and comes with around 30 heart shaped chocolates which I had to test to make sure they were alright and may have tried more than one just to be on the safe side. I can confirm that they taste absolutely delicious which was a pleasant surprise. Usually what I have found from past experience is that the gifts that come with chocolate are clearly cheap chocolate as they don't taste very nice. The chocolates are a really nice touch and an extra surprise for your loved one when they open the box.

The only small issue I had with this was trying to get photos to fit the 3x3 frame, but as long as your photos aren't too close up, it's easy to cut around them and make them fit.

The other personalised product I chose was this lovely Slate Photo Frame Heart Design to put your photo in. This frame can also be personalised at the top and at the bottom so you can add the names of your choice and a message at the bottom. I like that it gives you enough room at the bottom to add a meaningful message and it looks really nice on your mantelpiece and/or shelves. The slate has a nice rustic look to it and I like the size of it as it makes it stand out. 

Out of my two products this was my least favourite though as I found the heart frame just that little bit too big to fit a standard sized photo in. It was also a little bit fiddly to put the photo in the frame and then the backing came unstuck to the actual frame. These weren't major issues but after the fantastic quality of the engraved oak photo frame cube, these things did stand out. I have been assured though that these have since been quality checked and the backing no longer comes unstuck.

That being said I do still adore these products from GiftsOnline4U. The engraved oak frame cube is just such a nice product and I can't wait to give this to my other half.

GiftsOnline4U do loads of other great products and for any occasion so I will definitely be checking back when I want to get that little extra special gift.

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