Tuesday 6 February 2018

Blog Tour: The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

It's the final day of The Woman in the Window blog tour on my blog today. To finish I am sharing my review of this dark and twisty thriller. Definitely one for the psychological thriller fans out there!


Anna hasn't been outside her house for ten months. Too traumatised to go set foot out her door, she haunts her house in New York suffocated with her memories, but safe. Her only outlook into the 'real' world is her window. She watches the comings and goings of her neighbours and takes a particular interest when new neighbours, the Russells move in across the road. They seem like the picture perfect family so when Anna hears an ear piercing scream one evening and witnesses something she wasn't meant to see, she must figure out what happened. But will anyone believe her?

How do I even begin to review this psychological thriller that Stephen King himself has described as remarkable! A slow burn domestic thriller don't be fooled into thinking that this won't be anything short of addictive.

Anna is a complicated character an agoraphobic, alcoholic with a medicine addiction and an unknown trauma from her past. She couldn't be a more unreliable narrator and if she can't trust herself, can we really trust her? 

Just to reiterate this is a slow burn thriller, but don't give up on it so quickly as I promise it picks up again and then it is literally unputdownable. The story becomes even more dark and the tension gets racked up and I ended up having an unintentional late Sunday night and suffering for it the next day, but I was completely hooked and couldn't tear my eyes away.

Very dark and very twisty, bear with the slow burn if you only like fast paced thrillers as I promise it will be worth it!

The Woman in the Window is out now

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