Monday 21 August 2017

Blog Tour: The House by Simon Lelic

Morning book lovers, I am delighted to be on the epic blog tour today for The House with my review. Don't miss out on the other stops on the blog tour too!


Can you believe I have had The House sitting on my to-be-read pile since December last year?? It has been taunting me to read it ever since then with it's creepy cover that gives me the shivers, but wanted to put off reading it until closer to publication day.

Jack and Syd think their dreams have come true when they put in a low offer on an expensive house in London and they get accepted. They both can't believe their luck, until they make a grisly discovery in the attic.

Initially I found The House an incredibly creepy read and thinking that it felt more like a horror story than a thriller. I was hyper aware of every noise in my home whilst reading this, so the creeped out factor on the Richter scale was pretty high. I also wasn't sure about the two main characters dialogue through a diary at first, especially as I didn't take to Syd's character. However don't let this put you off as it does get into a more storylike feel as the story progresses and you do get a really deep inside view of both the main characters- or do you?

The House is incredibly clever at hiding things from you as you go and even hiding things from the characters themselves. I think this is unreliable narration at it's very best- there was a lot I could not even get a whisper of guess at and this is partly what makes The House so compelling. A lot of the time I had to make sure I read this in daylight or when my boyfriend was at home with me, or it would have been too scary otherwise. Simon's writing is absolute brilliant, it's addictive, creepy and fantastic at throwing you off the scent.

Hugely suspenseful and full of shocking twists, The House is such a gripping read.

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