Wednesday 14 December 2016

Book Review: A Fairytale for Christmas by Chrissie Manby

Every year we get another round of gorgeous looking Christmas books and when I saw the cover for A Fairy Take for Christmas, I could not wait to get my hands on it.
Members of the Newby theatre are preparing for their festive pantomime. This year it is to be Cinderella. It is like a dream come true for Kirsty to be cast as Cinderella and the fact that the director is her boyfriend Jon, makes it all the more exciting. However, behind the scenes it isn't all glitz and glamour, there are rivalries, wardrobe mishaps and near-fatal accidents. Things are also starting to come to light about Jon, is it really romance or is it just romance.
I really really wanted to like this story and I had such high hopes, but in reality it just fell a bit flat. I thought the story took a while to get off the ground and in places I found I was a little bored of what was happening. It wasn't a book that I was desperate to pick up again. It wasn't a bad read, but I just didn't feel like I really got to know any of the characters well enough and Kirsty's boyfriend Jon massively got on my nerves- I know he was supposed to, but it just kept making me feel really sorry for Kirsty and overall the read came across as a little bit depressing. This really wasn't something I was expecting from this story, so I think that is why it just detracted from the whole Christmassy feel I was expecting.
An ok read which I know others will enjoy, but for me a bit disappointing.

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