Thursday 1 September 2016

Book Review: Lydia by Natasha Farrant

When I first heard about Lydia: The Wild Girl of Pride and Prejudice, I instantly new I just had to read this. Natasha has also written the Diaries of Bluebell Gadsby series and has written a total of seven books, which I now must check out.

If you are a Pride and Prejudice fan like me, then you only need take one look at the title of this book and know that you just have to read it. I will take any excuse to delve back into one of my favourite books of all time.

As you may have already guessed, this is the untold story of Lydia, the youngest and at the time unruly of the Bennet sisters. These types of stories are really growing in popularity with me and it does not matter at all that it is not from the original author. Also it's clear that Natasha has kept to the original story as much as she could and really did feel like dipping back into the beloved story, but it was still fresh and unique to Natasha's writing style and it worked so well being told through Lydia's diary.

I must admit, with the way Lydia is portrayed in the original story, I did find her a bit annoying. She was often called silly and wild and compared to her sisters at the time, yes she was. This new story however with Lydia's perspective has got me looking at her very differently. What I came to quickly realise was that in fact Lydia was a girl ahead of her time. She wanted to have fun, she wanted to explore the world and not be confined by the constraints of being a woman in the 1800's and it is very safe to say that my opinion of her has greatly changed. It was a real treat to get to see Lydia's point of view and give her voice to what really happened in Brighton with Wickham.

Lydia turned out to be such an enjoyable and fun-filled read and completely got me out of a reading slump that I was in. I would love the other sister's untold stories now.

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