Tuesday 2 August 2016

Blog Tour: Coco Chanel Saved My Life by Danielle F White

On the blog today I have Danielle F. White on the blog telling us about leaving the city you live in to take on new opportunities and challenges and what our heroine, Rebecca will do. Follow along the tour with the stops listed below.

Danielle F. White

I’ve always been a ‘nomad’ – traveling around the world to follow my family or my job, changing locations whenever I had the opportunity to switch from one place to another. I’ve lived in the Netherlands, France, Egypt, Brazil and many Italian cities. Each time I moved,I found it exciting and challenging to start a new life. 

Embracing change in order to find yourself is important, but there is only one reason why you should never leave your home: to follow the one you love. 

I left the city in which I lived twice to follow a love story and both times the relationship was over before I even started to pay my rent. The first time we were not ready to live together and the second time? Well… he had just forgotten to tell me that he had another woman.

Rebecca, the heroine of my novel leaves her city and her job in Venice to move to Milan, chasing the man of her dreams but we quickly learn that he does not love her. You know how this works: one is desperately in love and the other simply is not. It happens. Too often, actually!

After a few weeks of despair, tears and chocolate chip cookies, she finds the strength to start from scratch, just as her muse Coco Chanel had done numerous times. Every beginning is a challenge and every adversity is an opportunity to become a better person: Rebecca and I have both learned this lesson. I decided to stop and not move all of my many shoes again for a while. 

And how about Rebecca? Will she stop too or will she start to conquer the world as the true Coco?

Enjoy reading!

Danielle F. White

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