Monday 11 April 2016

Blog Tour: Relativity by Antonia Hayes

Title: Relativity
Author: Antonia Hayes
Published: 7th April 2016
Publisher: Corsair

Happy Monday everyone (or there abouts). Today I am part of the tour for Relativity by Antonia Hayes sharing my review. Don't forget to check back at all the other stops on the tour following the awesome blog tour poster below.

When I read the synopsis for Relativity, I knew this was a book that I just had to read. 

There was something beautiful about the way that Relativity was written. I just loved the theme of physics running throughout the novel, I never thought you would be able to incorporate elements of physics and it’s theories and use them to explain human emotions and make it work, but Antonia has managed to mix them so well and make it an enlightening and heartfelt experience. I was expecting the science elements to throw me a bit, but this wasn’t the case at all. If anything this story would not have been the wonderful story that it was without it.

Although this book was incredible in the way that it was written, it had a melancholy undertone. Ethan suffered brain damage as a baby due to shaken baby syndrome, which at now 12 years old he sees the world a little differently to the rest of us. But despite this, Ethan is extraordinary and has a super keen interest in physics and you can’t help but fall in love with his worldview. He can actually see the waves that sound make, but he doesn’t know that he is the only one that can see them. Although this story is told in three different narratives, Ethan, his Mum Claire and Mark, Ethan is what makes the story. He is the gravitational pull and there is an equation in the novel that so cleverly and so stunningly sums this up. 

This book really does make you think how one decision in one small moment of time can change so much and how our futures can be shaped so much by it. Antonia has put so much thought into writing this original and cleverly thought out plot and I have found this review so hard to write as I know I will never do it justice.

A very original, clever story that is simply beautiful.


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