Tuesday 15 March 2016

Book Review: Half Wild by Sally Green

Title: Half Wild
Author: Sally Green
Published: 25th March 2015
Publisher: Penguin

I was absolutely blown away when Sally Green's first book Half Bad came out. It was unlike any other book I had read before and Half Wild delivered just as amazing as the first book.

This story is the epitome of addictive. Once you start you just can't stop and with a matter of hours you have finished without even realising you have got to the end, and are then left with a massive cliffhanger.  I am so glad this book delivered as the first one was so good, I was a little apprehensive as to whether this would be just as good, but with Sally being the incredible writer that she is, I should never have been in doubt.

Sally writing is actually incredible, she makes this book series so unique with her descriptions and sounds- yes sounds, I loved Ally's new way to describe sounds in her books. She makes them almost palpable and if you have read Half Bad then you will know how much you feel inside protagonist Nathan's head . You almost feel at one with him. 

Some reviewers have said that they hated the formatting of the book, but I really liked it. It broke he book up (not that it needed to) and just made it feel even more like you were reading a unique and very clever story.

I basically don't want to give anything away, this was amazing and the cliffhanger! I was very pleased that I did not read this until I had my hands on a copy of Half Lost as I do not know I would have been able to wait a year.


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