Thursday 17 March 2016

Book Review: Half Lost by Sally Green

Title: Half Lost
Author: Sally Green
Published: 31st March 2016
Publisher: Penguin

You know when a book is epic when you wish it had been longer so that you could prolong it's absolute genius. The Half Bad trilogy has been, without a doubt, truly fantastic, it has been like a version of Harry Potter but for serious badasses and as much as I loved it, I am gutted that it is now over.

After the cliffhanger that Half Wild left us with, I was absolutely desperate to read the final part in the trilogy. You know when you are just so incredibly excited to start a book and the anticipation of finding out what will happen, that is what starting Half Lost felt like.

I swear I have said this every single time I have reviewed Sally's books but each time I am in awe of how she can completely suck you into her stories. You literally cannot think about anything else, even in the moments where you are forced to put the book down, you cannot stop it from consuming your thoughts. Sally writes and describes things so simply, but it has a massive impact on you whilst reading. There were a couple of scenes that really got to me and I had to put the book down to recover myself before I could continue reading. 

This series has been very dark and very raw and it manages to get you thinking about those that consider themselves the 'good' witches. My emotions have been all over the place whilst reading and to coin a fandom phrase- "All the FEELS"! There are so many things you don't see coming, so many moments where you just cannot guess the outcome.

You really do feel like you have gone on a journey with this characters and especially with Nathan. You can see how he has grown and the impact of what he has been through has had on him.  You very quickly develop favourite characters and I think what I loved the most was finding out which gifts they each had and what they could do with them. The romance development in particular was actually quite beautiful to read and it just felt so right. 

I am now utterly bereft that this incredible series has come to the end, especially with the ending- yes I cried. 

This has been one of the best series I have read and I am so excited to see what Sally has in store for us next.



  1. Great review. :) I'm so excited for this one, even though I'm convinced that most of the cast will die and the remainder won't all live happily ever after.

    1. Thank you :) ah you will have to wait and see :D