Tuesday 29 March 2016

Book Event: Spring Blogger Evening with Books and the City

A couple of weeks ago, I had the absolute pleasure of going to Books and the City Spring Blogger evening at their lovely offices in Farringdon. I got to leave work a little bit earlier and headed up on the train to the city lights of London, where the amazing Books and the City team had a brilliant evening waiting for us along with some of their fabulous authors Paige Toon, Holly Hepburn, Juliet Ashton and Penny Parkes.

As is true to my nature, I did manage to get a bit lost on my way there, but I was still in plenty of time and once there I was greeted by the wonderful team there and SJ and got to mingle with other bloggers and have some nibbles before it was time to go in for a presentation with the wonderful authors.

Sara welcomed us all and then handed over to Claire Hey (Editor), who then introduced to each of the authors in turn. They each then read a little extract from each of their latest books and their writing process. They had us all laughing so much and it fascinating getting a little insight into their books. (You will have to forgive the quality of my photos as I forgot my camera)

First up was Juliet Ashton telling us about her book, These Days of Ours. I have seen this beautiful looking book all over twitter. Kate and Becca are all set to marry their childhood sweethearts, but then Kate finds out that life doesn't always turn out the way you expect it too.

Then we had Holly Hepburn whose third instalment of The Star and Sixpence which is Summer at the Star and Sixpence is coming out at the end of April. This is another gorgeously summery cover and has had me hankering for summer now. If you have been keeping up with this series, the third part answers a question you might have been waiting for.

Next up we had Paige Toon speaking about her book The One We Fell in Love With. This was the first time I had ever seen Paige in person and I was a little starstruck. I am so intrigued about her latest book as it is about triplets, Phoebe, Rose and Eliza and the one man they fell in love with, Angus. I have a feeling this is going to be Paige's best yet and I can't wait to read it.

Lastly we had the lovely Penny Parkes reading an extract from her book Out of Practice which has sexy doctors in it. Enough said, I'm sold. But seriously this sounded like such a funny read and I am looking forward to diving in.

Not before long, we heard corks popping and we went to have another mingle and eat some of the most divine cupcakes I have ever had the pleasure of eating!! I need to get myself some of these.

Not long after this we all gathered to grab an amazing goody bag and get our books signed. I truly had a brilliant bookish evening and I cannot thank Sara and the team enough! I also now have a new favourite pencil too (it has a crown on it!). 


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