Monday 22 February 2016

Book Review: Morning Star by Pierce Brown

Title: Morning Star
Author: Pierce Brown
Published: 11th February 2016
Publisher: Hodder Books

Gorydamn and bloodydamm and just where am I going to find the words!!! Literally the minute I finished this though I thought it's over and didn't know how I was going to get over it, but then joy of joys it has been announced that there is going to be a new series!!! Yes an actual three-part epic next year called Iron Gold so I am happy again! So you might have guessed I may have quite liked the final instalment of the Red Rising Trilogy and I am going to try and form some coherent sentences to explain why.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a superfan of this incredible series and Pierce Brown has taken me on an emotionally fraught journey right to the very last page of Morning Star. If we are going to compare to other series, think a mixture of Game of Thrones with the Hunger Games but dare I say it, better!

It has been a very long and torturous wait for this final instalment, but it was worth it. Pierce more than delivered with this book and it's length was of epic proportions.

There were so many times that Pierce really had me going. He completely throws you in the wrong direction of what you think is going to happen and there is NO way you can figure it out. He doesn't hold back either, a bit like Game of Thrones, I wouldn't pick favourites with your characters as you just don't know what will happen to them. His characters are utter genius though and so unique in their personalities, they are raw, real and honest.

Very few authors can tell a story the way Pierce does and this is why this was such an epic, mind-blowing read. It is all consuming and all you can think of is reading this book, nothing else matters and every single one of these books has done this to me.

Also if you are holding back because you think this series has been too hyped up, don't let that stop you from reading this, I think you will be surprised and very impressed with what you read.

No matter what I say though I still don't think I am going to do this incredible series justice, just please read it!

Break the Chains! 

Only thing left to say is when is the film out?!!!!!


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