Friday 12 June 2015

Book Review: The Sunlit Night by Rebecca Dinerstein

TitleThe Sunlit Night
AuthorRebecca Dinerstein
Published: 4th June 2015
Publisher: Bloomsbury


Before I get into my review of the book, I cannot not mention this absolutely stunning cover. Every now and again a truly magnificent cover for a book comes along and so far this is my most favourite book cover of the year. The book trailer as well blew me away, so please do check it out below my review.

I loved this beautiful, eccentric novel by the very talented Rebecca Dinerstein. 

This is a very unusual kind of love story, with slightly strange, but very real characters. Frances and Yasha meet at the 'top of the world' following very different circumstances. Both their stories have a melancholic tone, but overall the story is happy and light, especially as the sun stays up practically through the night and casts and helps to cast a warm feel throughout the story. I also enjoyed reading from both of the characters viewpoints and really getting into both their stories and seeing how they overlapped.

The setting of Norway was utterly magical and made the novel all the more unique and fascinating. Despite never having been to Norway before, I felt right there with the main characters Frances and Yasha. The Sunlit Night is obviously a perfect name for the book as the sun is up practically all day and night during the summer months in Norway, so daytime seems continuous. Norway has now added itself to the list of places that I want to go.

Although written very differently to anything I have read before, I liked it quirkiness and the way Rebecca chose to describe things. I guess you could say it was lyrical and poetic. The only slight downside to this was I would sometimes have to focus when reading, otherwise I would miss understand bits, but that was only a slight issue.

An unusual, but wonderfully eccentric novel for those looking for something a little bit different.


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