Tuesday 16 June 2015

Book Review: Only We Know by Simon Packham

TitleOnly We Know
AuthorSimon Packham
Published: 4th June 2015
Publisher: Piccadilly Press


I saw the cover of this book a little while ago along with the synopsis so when I got the opportunity to read it, I couldn't wait to start.

Only We Know immediately sucks you in with some brilliant writing from Simon Packman. Lauren is the main focus of this story.. She and her family have suddenly had to move away because of something that Lauren did. It isn't clear exactly what, but Lauren is very keen to reinvent herself and make sure that no one remembers her. But all too soon Lauren starts receiving sinister messages that threaten to expose her past...

This is one of those books that you get into instantly. I had barely read two sentences and I was hooked. The constant mystery element as to what Lauren could have possibly done is more than enough to keep your interest and leaves you trying to figure out what exactly she could have done. Then there is of course the other mystery as to who is sending these horrible messages and packages to Lauren and despite not knowing what she did, you can't help but sympathise with her and hope that everything will be ok. Simon creates a brilliant sense of constant suspense and consequently this is a book you will race through and I did finish this in a matter of hours.

What was obviously brilliant about this was that no matter how many times I thought I had figured out the ending, when I eventually got it, I could not have been more wrong in my assumptions. It really was far from the ending I was expecting and it was actually something that is so relevant to today's society right now. It was actually kind of refreshing and I hope to see more of this in fiction as time goes on.

Only We Know brings you an unexpected refreshing twist and  keeps you on your toes throughout.


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