Friday 29 May 2015

Book Review: We are All Made of Stars by Rowan Coleman

TitleWe are All Made of Stars
AuthorRowan Coleman
Published: 21st May 2015
Publisher: Ebury Press


We Are All Made of Stars is a beautiful story with a brilliant mixture of heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. The title alone was enough to make me want to pick this book up and it didn't disappoint.

Rowan has created some truly life affirming characters. Rowan has written each of their stories in separate chapters and how they all eventually interlink with one another. There's Stella, a hospice nurse, who writes the last letters of the patients there to give to loved ones, friends and others. Stella works the night shift as since her husband Vincent came back from Afghanistan, things just have not been the same. He locks himself away and is pushing Stella away from him due to being mentally as well as physically wounded. The other main characters are Hope and Hugh. Hope has Cystic Fibrosis, but despite what she thinks, I found her a brilliantly feisty character with an amazing best friend called Ben. I found her part of the story funny and uplifting. Then there is Hugh, who's part I found the most fascinating to read and his cat Jack. I particularly loved the connection of Jack the cat and his little part in the story, it was such a small part, but it really made me smile. It isn't clear where Hugh fits into the story until later, but this was part of the intrigue. 

Rowen is definitely one of my favourite writers. Her writing is just so fluid and a joy to read. She gets across the emotions and rawness of each of the characters so well. It is partly because of this that I became so invested in each of their stories. I loved how their parts were all split up individually in the book and it made for such wonderful reading to see how they all interlinked,
The letter writing was a particularly lovely part of the book. Letter writing is so rare these days, that it is all the more special when you do get a letter and in this it is a wonderful gift that patients can give their loved ones.

What I took from this is that yes life can be sad, but you can still find the beautiful moments if you just look closely for them. So despite the premise of this book, I did not find this hard to read at all. There is just so much emotion in this that it just filled me up with a mixture of sadness and happiness. Rowan has written a wonderful story that I think everyone should take the time to read.


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