Tuesday 5 May 2015

Blog Tour: Catch Me If You Cannes Part One by Lisa Dickenson

TitleCatch Me If You Cannes Part One
Author: Lisa Dickenson
Published: 4th May 2015
Publisher: Sphere

Hello everyone! Hope you had a fab bank holiday weekend! Today I am part of the blog tour for Catch Me If You Cannes by the wonderful Lisa Dickenson. Today I will be hosting my review for Part one, but stop by on the 12th for Part 2.


Catch Me If You Cannes is yet another four part series from the fantastic Lisa Dickenson that having loved her previous books I was so excited to start!

Catch Me If You Cannes is a great start to this wonderful four part series of ebooks. In this part we are introduced to totally likeable and awesome characters Bryony and Jess. They are polar opposites in the looks department, with Jess being tiny and blonde and Bryony be tall and dark, but they could not be better friends. Bryony is a journalist for Sleb magazine, which is a gossip mag and not quite where she wants to be in the journalism world, but it gets Bryony a pass to Cannes Film Festival. It also gives her best friend Jess an excuse to leave Cornwall for a bit and have some fun. They are  in for two weeks of glitz, glamour and a LOT of celebrity shoulder rubbing and it's just what Jess needs.
I was actually really lucky to be able to go to Cannes a few years ago, so when Lisa was describing it, I could actually picture myself there again. It is also of course set in the summer and I could almost feel the heat emanating from the pages. This is definitely a read for those summer months or leading up to it. I am desperate for a summer holiday now!

Lisa is always great at creating great characters that you take to instantly and Bryony and Jess are the same. They are fun, happy people and great friends, but also have their little woes to which make them feel more real. This is also just the type of book I needed after reading quite a stressful, sad story with a few too many detestable characters.

Lisa is also back with her hilarious one liners and lots of mischief, I really cannot wait for part two now, especially as I need to find out how they will get out of quite a sticky situation!

On to Part Two!


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